i just made this little drawstring bag for my tiny new camera! i found this pattern and used hot pink rip stop nylon and an old pink shirt for the lining. i wanted it to have more structure and be more armored so i cut squares out of a shampoo bottle and inserted them in between the lining and the nylon. pretty simple, but i think it turned out alright.



the whole project took me about two hours and while i finished it i watched the first season of the original 90210!

so into it.

its such a guilty pleasure. the show is unabashedly culture-centric and contextualized, all about rich white kids in beverly hills. but duh, i guess thats the point. and so far the life lessons are so naive and idealistic. for instance, brenda and her friends use fake i.d’s to get into a club, except only brenda’s works so her friends LEAVE HER at the club where she meets a 30 year old dude (rex manning from empire records!) who gives her drinks and takes her back to his apartment for some light frenching before dropping her off at home before midnight. brenda falls in love with him but worries that if he knew the truth, that she’s sixteen, he wouldn’t love her for her true self. she tells him, he threatens to sue her parents for “allowing her to toy with his heart” and brenda is heartbroken.

oh but the lesson here was not to go out during the week too often or your grades will suffer.

but as i recall, plot devices get a lot more racey and poignant; drunk driving, abortions, cocaine, tiffany amber theissen, etc.

and god, definitely had a school girl crush on dylan mckay.

you luke perry

hated steve sanders…….

he reminds me of the ugly ken doll that you had date rape your barbies…


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