found on hyptyo blog….


this video from the New York Times discusses japanese photographer Kohei Yoshiyuki. in this body of work from the 1970’s, Yoshiyuki documents couples having sex in public parks in tokyo and the peeping toms who watch them.

What is so striking … is that everyone is crossing the line. The couples who engage in sex in public, the peeping toms who tresspass on that intimacy, the photographer who has betrayed his acquaintances’ trust, and of course, us, so willing to look at what was not meant for us to see.

and then in 2008, we see Steven Meisel reference Yoshiyuki for a layout for Vogue Italy…
Meisel is also the photographer who made that sex book with madonna…picture
in 2006, Meisel created another Vogue photo set, state of emergency, a commentary on post-9/11 security.

i love it.
it infiltrates you in this adbusters/sneak attack kind of way.
sex/violence and safety/persecution dissociation


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