thematic schematic


so charlie manson is 75 years old now…and it looks like the crazy’s gone from his eyes…

just a sad old man with some wacky tattoos.

and im not sure how, when or why it started, but whenever i see a tow-away sign out of the corner of my eye, i think i see manson’s eyes…


come on! someone at least see what i’m trying to say!
heard this album a while ago when david rented it from the library (nashville has the best library) but i’ve been listening to Can a lot…

❤ krautrock

and perhaps im late on this, but i am lovin crystal stilts
um, do you care about the zodiac as much as i do?
ive been thinking about how most of my friends and all the important people in my life end up being the same couple of signs:
best friends and boyfriends under
Taurus and Saggittarius
crushes/flirty infatuations and close ties to Gemini and Aries
and then support system best friends are Aquarius and Scorpio
h8 being a cancer

does anyone else find this happening to them?
do you know your rising sign?
important stuff you guys!

also, want this jacques piaget 60’s scarf…
the crab has a little hat on!


One response to “thematic schematic

  1. don’t know if ya know, but i SERIOUSLY care about the zodiac. my rising is taurus. and i am sorry that you hate being a cancer. i used to dislike aspects of my chart. but that is self loathing nonsense. embrace the cancer inside of you!

    what is yer rising?

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