granny squares…

so ive recently learned to crochet but am at a loss as to what to make first…maybe just some cute little amigurumi bunny ghosts?
seriously though i was kinda baffled about what else i could possibly make in this medium, especially with the not-so breezy summer months coming up…but after some searching i found a couple of ideas that are a little more functional and interesting, a little less kleenex box cozy…

crochet squatter curtain

vests! retro! tassels!

and mod! cool colors on the etsy girl, and that grunge girl from the satorialist is super cute

or maybe some 50’s housewife slippers?


this is a pinafore for a small child but could be adapted into some kind of summer jumper thing?

like anna barie’s of these are powers
awesome awesome into it…

also like this idea for acorn caps and baskets….
acornsit’d be cool to figure out what else you could hold in there…


One response to “granny squares…

  1. Make me something! I want a colorful vest. I’ll pay you.

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