les garçons de plage

thats the original by Elton Motello, released in 1977. that same year, the next month in fact, Plastic Bertrand released “Ca plane pour moi”…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

i dont believe anything happened in court, apparantly Alan Ward, the singer/songwriter behind Elton Motello, just chalked it up to being ripped off and takes comfort in the fact that his lyrics seem to strike a chord with more listeners than the French version (the song is about a 15 yr old boy’s sexual relationship with another guy, who then rejects him for a girl).
although i must say im a bit more intruiged with the Plastic Bertrand version. Motello’s kinda turns me off. its subtle, the echo fades pretty cheesy and the “ooo Hoo Hoo Hoo” compared to PB’s Beach Boy-esque “ooo Wee eee ooo”….
the title of Plastic Bertrand’s version, “Ca plane pour moi” means something like “This works for me”/ “All’s well for me”/ “This world’s for me”/”Its working for me”/”This life’s for me” or just “I’m on a roll”…apparantly the rest of the song is nearly impossible to translate from French to English because of the heavy French slang. but basically its something like this….

Wham! Bam! my cat Splash
lies on my bed with his tongue puffed out
by drinking all my whiskey.
As for me, not enough sleep, drained, persecuted,
I had to sleep in the gutter
where I had a flash
in four colours

Allez-oop! One morning
a darling came to my home,
a cellophane puppet with Chinese hair,
a plaster, a hangover,
drank my beer in a large rubber glass
like an Indian in his igloo

This works for me, this works for me
This works for me me me me me
This works for me
This works for me

Allez-oop! The chick farts!, what a gas!
what a vibration!
to be sent on the door mat
filed, ruined, drained, filled
You are the King of the divan (the couch)!
she says to me in passing
I am the King of the divan


Allez-oop! Don’t mind, don’t worry
Don’t affect me
It’s not today
that the sky will fall on my head
and I’ll be without glue
This life’s for me

Allez-oop! my chick has gone away,
flew away, finally had enough, to break
the sink, the bar, leaving me alone
like a complete jerk
I’ve put my foot in it


and i mean, all that just sounds like Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer to me….it sounds like trippin, goofy, sexy party times…in French! he is the king of the divan!
bonus closeted homosexuals:

“Adam hearts Dennis”, that was written in the closet of my house from high school.

bonus TMI: when i moved into my new place here in richmond, there was a half used bottle of off-brand ky stashed away in the closet…..


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