friday is uv magenta with sprinkles on top…

Baltimore-based Nudashank’s second show is tonight!! and they are receiving rad press because they are stupendous and win at being famous!
check out the Fecal Face bump!
Nudashank’s Alex and Seth describe the show as

“Equal parts modernism and classicism, the exhibiting painters are from a generation that has been influenced by screensavers, vector graphics, MS Paint, Google maps, and Photoshop. The paintings evince the pervading luminescence of the computer screen, the digital color spectrum, and the expanding universe of virtual spaces…These paintings reflect a new, synthesized (perhaps alienated) perception of the world and how visual information is coded, condensed, flattened, and transmitted.”

trippy! im too excited…

of the limited sneak peak views of the show, i think this piece “Transitions” by Micheal Dotson is my favorite…skate park of the misty mountain forest…
the show reminds me of this book i want to read BUT IS NOT EVEN IN THE RICHMOND LIBRARY CATALOG!
its called “Wednesday is Indigo Blue” and in it, authors Cytowic and Eagleman discuss synesthesia which is is a “neurologically based phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway” (so says wikipedia). basically, synesthetes often describe letters as being different colors; sometimes they hear colors or see pain they are feeling. in this book, the authors assert that “cross-talk among the senses is the rule rather than the exception–we are all inward synesthetes who are outwardly unaware of sensory couplings happening all the time.”

…….new summer look, synesthete envy
those ladies remind me of this friend of mine who’s taken to wearing color therapy chakra glasses…

he’s been wearing yellow ones for concentration, mental clarity and optimism…its some Edgar Cayce psych-science type stuff and i think madonna endorses it.
and speaking of Edgar Cayce!…..
check out this crazy digi glitch that happened to me on flikr….


these were completely normal jpgs i uploaded onto flikr and thats what they showed up as….both are of two people, so maybe its some kind of kirlian photography (images of energy flow, auras and such)……?

*****************ghoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosts and shit*****************


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  2. i think that kirlian photography is kind of nice and somehow great in my opinion.”

    Up to date piece of writing on our blog

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