cryin out for attention….

so i think this has been making the rounds for a while….but i felt compelled to comment on it….
cuz REALLY?! Rivers, REALLY?
i mean we all knew weezer had become a sad, desperate vestige of what it once was 4 albums ago, but there they are again, up on stage wanking off in the desperation parade. did you check them rep’n T-Mobile? did you see Rivers dancing like a drunk cool-dad? and whats that stage show? they want to be Kanye? WHY ARE THEY SINGING MGMT?! uuuuuuugh Rivers WHY?!
…however…im going to begrudgingly give a thumbs up to the Kids/Poker Face mashup. thats actually a fun idea…
but then whats with this reinventing their image via the Village People every album?


i mean with the Green Album, it was kind of acceptable…its an homage to your debut, cute, we get it…but what is this? Brian Bell is some dapper Devendra, Patrick’s who cares, Rivers got fat and who the hell is that GUY?!


WHY? why couldnt they have just stopped after Pinkerton and crystalized themselves forever as geek rock gods, as a perfect corner of middle school memories, idolized and adored forever on the inside of locker doors. this is an old rant. i think most everyone in my generation  has had this conversation before. “yeah, i loved Weezer, but BEFORE….”
i’ll admit it, i went and saw the Green Album tour…with Ozma and Saves the Day….i still keep a piece of glitter in my wallet that fell out of the ceiling of the arena while the concert ended and they played “Only In Dreams”….sigh.
do yall remember Matt Sharp’s side-project? The Rentals?…new-wavey pop from ’95….youve definitely heard this….the rest of the albums actually pretty good…I think….
those weezer guys were ahead of the times with their glasses fashions…ray bans and child molester glasses in the early 90’s? pretty hip

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2 responses to “cryin out for attention….

  1. man, i was such a HUGE weezer fan. like, weezer fanclub card carrying member fan. AND rivers gave me my first kiss ever! long story, i’ll share it sometime.

    but damn, he should have stopped the weezer name long ago. it is sad.

    the rentals, on the other hand, are fucking amazing and you are so right, they were ahead of the fashion times…

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