im gonna grind your bones to make my bread…

first off, Nashville fave JEFF the brotherhood has a diy video for their new song “Bone Jam”, due out on lp in sept….

check some behind the scenes shiz on their own brother blog
the song sounds like summer summer!
the boys had a show here in Richmond the other day with Turbo Fruits…double dose of Nashville…
heres the flyer! made by TinderBox proprietor Maximillian…

click for the up-close…psych-kitties…
speaking of psych, just watched Wonderwall, a film from 1968 with music direction by George Harrison…

that clip also has some scenes from “Reflections on Love” a short film that accompanied Wonderwall.
it was a pretty film, fun to watch, but i felt like it was too short, or relied too much on the visuals to care too much about the story. this scientist (the old dude in the clip) realizes that he can see through one of his walls into his neighbor’s apartment, his neighbor being Jane Birkin from 66’s Blowup…so he becomes obsessed with looking through the holes in the walls, watching her swinging parties, modeling shoots, love making and fights.
bottom line: hot hot hot swinging london. lots of sexy people doing sexy drugs in sexy clothes.
heres how hot Jane Birkin is (ps the Hermès Birkin bag is named after her)

the set design for Wonderwall was directed by the Fool design collective….i could hardly find anything about them on the internet…but this is a pretty good idea of what they look like, your basic 70s liquid art…
bonus far-out dance moves:

and bonus Birkin with Serge Gainsbourg:

workin that mesh and wicker girl…..tits dont hurt either….


One response to “im gonna grind your bones to make my bread…

  1. I don’t follow your blog, but when I do it’s because I’ve recently been stoke on JEFF the Bortherhood. Sweet video and posts.

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