Philadelphia!, part one: in which we decide it is a beautiful city

so i drove up to philly this weekend to meet up with some friends from good ole nashville.
some highlights from the first day include!:
*delicious chicken souvlaki from Zorba’s Greek Tavern! tzatziki is sooo gooood.
*roses are blooming everywhere!
*David and i go to Philly Flavors for water ice, we try pink grapefruit and get orange Dreamcicle…and laugh at penis shaped pretzels…
*we wander around and see all these awesome murals and community projects…
these are two of my favorites:

*Jeff and Turbo Fruits are in town! the boys and i jump in a cab to get to the show! and its full of cougars and fat jersey chicks! bizarro! Jeff and Turbo Fruits rock hard as always, but the cougars dont care….theyre there for 100 monkeys, a band with zero zero zero going for it. however, their frontman is some Twilight dude, sadly, not R Pats but this guy, Jackson Rathbone
*so whatever, we go outside to leave and see Danny Bonaduce!

WHOA GROSS OUT!!!!!JK!!!!!!!!
honestly, we DID see Danny Bonaduce, and David did indeed get his picture….that poor specimen up there had Recklinghausen syndrome and is a hint at whats to come in PART 2!!!!!


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