no fighting in the war room…

while i was in baltimore this past weekend, i got a copy of Jordan Bernier’s zine “Dream House”. the zine features the 40 piece series Jordan created while he had no place of his own and was sleeping on friend’s couches. you can get your own at Nudashank.
here are some of my favorites, click for up close!….

so this summer im interning at two different Richmond galleries and one of my tasks last week was to go through old local periodicals looking for articles about the gallery…tedioussss
anyway, while i was looking through an issue from 2007 i noticed this article about then-presidential hopeful Barack Obama visiting Plant Zero gallery in Richmond for a fund-raiser. apparantly Obama’s aides checked out the space before hand and asked that two pieces by Jamie Boling be covered up…
what what whaaaaat? beloved Barack involved in a censorship scandal?!
these are the pieces…
“Honest Abe”
(im totally digging this…its a painting from a still from Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
“Snake Charmer”

ps these are fucking huge oil paintings, 6×10 feet…can you imagine anyone involved in government giving a speech in front of Britney Spears’ twat?

and so i actually don’t blame Obama for asking for the pieces to be removed, and in the end, the artist didnt either…

The artist was offended at first. But after thinking it over he decided the request wasn’t censorship, but an understandable attempt by the Obama’s people to avoid trouble. Boling said: “It’s not Obama to blame, or his people, but this society and culture that participate in tabloid culture, and a political culture that isn’t far from tabloid culture. Which is the subject of my art, anyway.”

the article mentioned other examples of politicians covering up art during press conferences and one instance did strike a chord with me. apparently when Colin Powell gave a speech at the United Nations making the case to go to war in Iraq, they took down a tapestry reproduction of Picasso’s “Guernica”…..
i mean thats the whole point of the piece! to remind us of the horrors of war…and they took it down so people wouldnt be cued to think of the negative consequences….
…….******miiiiind control control control*****….everyones drinkin that kool aid in their heavens gate nike dunks*****………


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