i miss a good dance party…

Baltimore friends AK Slaughter have an interview on BeatBots!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily sez:…

it’s not that I don’t like rap, I like it a lot, but if I could sing I would probably sing country music instead of rap…It’s like I’ll write the songs thinking that I could make them country songs, but they turn out to be rap songs and I really like the way they turn out. They’re very similar, the two genres, I think. They talk about the same things but in different ways. Like “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk“… think about it.

and then! Repelican and the Art Department were written up too! both are music projects of Baltimore friend Jon Ehrens (with Mike Meno and Jason Howe) and both are fun fun party/hop up and down music. definitely check out that myspace linkage.

anyway, brightest young things discusses some of the secret meanings behind Art Dept songs…
and mobtown studios sings praises to Repelican’s album Don’t Mumble the Manifesto
also here is a more extensive write up from citypaper that discusses the origins of Art Dept

A few years ago, recordings surfaced on the internet of a lost album by the Art Department, a mid-’80s indie band from Carson City, Nevada…Eventually, Maryland native Jon Ehrens fessed up the truth about the Art Department: The mysterious Carson City quartet never existed. He’d recorded the 13-song album, The Art Anthology, one weekend in 2005, after dreaming up the imaginary band based on a peculiar singing style and the way his guitar sounded with a capo. He even laid down each instrumental track like a method actor, getting into the character of each imaginary musician’s particular tics and playing styles. “My new thing was, I’m gonna invent a band, invent a bio, record an album for them, and just forget about it,” Ehrens explains. “That was my plan for Art Department”…


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