“a monster’s goddess”

so i recently rediscovered my copy of Herschell Gordon Lewis’s 1963 ultimate blood-lust classic BLOOD FEAST. gimpy and wild eyed Fuad Ramses, a butcher/party caterer,  is asked by a mother to arrange a dinner party for her daughter (Playboy model Connie Mason). Ramses offers to put together an authentic Egyptian feast and goes on a killing spree of helpless young ladies in order to collect their body parts to be used in a sacrifical meal to the Egyptian goddess Ishtar!!!!!!! bloodfeast

Blood Feast is considered to be the first splatter or gore film, which is just what it sounds like: visceral and excessive death scenes that revel in the theatricality of mutilation…for instance, in what is perhaps the most famous scene in the film, a girl gets her tongue ripped out of her face.

apparantly Blood Feast was also incorrectly cited as the first film to show open-eye deaths…but the picture show man suggests that that honor goes to D. W. Griffith’s The Country Doctor from 1909 and his 1919 film Broken Blossoms that defied the acting convention of peacefully dying with your eyes closed. in both of these examples the deaths were rather gruesome and haunting. in The Country Doctor, Gladys Egan dies of some sickness, and in Broken Blossoms, Lillian Gish is beaten to death by her father. heavyyy


this film has all the endearing B movie aspects, awful acting, terrible dialogue and gruesome homemade fx. the soundtrack even uses fog horn incidentals for prat falls and *end scene*s…but the story is so tight! Lewis doesnt mess around, every scene furthers the plot. he hardly even takes advantage of Connie Mason’s assets, and only indulges in filming one lingering, lounging bikini scene.

BONUS: Miss Mason as Miss June


oh you MUST go see this movie. the gore is right on the edge of suspension of disbelief and haunting terror…you know thats just a mannequin leg stuffed with hamburger, and that is hilarious but THAT PSYCHO JUST ATTACKED HER IN THE BATHTUB, AND CHOPPED OFF HER LEG WITH A MACHETE AFTER GOUGING HER EYEBALL OUT. blood bath indeed…

*SPOILER* some of my favorite lines and scenes—

(couple makin out on the beach)
Damsel– “shouldnt we be getting back? mama worries about me when it gets dark.”
Tony douchbag– “relax hon, just a while longer, your folks know youre in good hands. ‘sides this is when it just starts getting nice…look, we’ll go home when it gets dark. now, PROVE that you love me”


Fuad Ramsey
– “to make the feast more authentic i must ask the cooperation of the young lady in whose honor the feast is given”
Connie Mason – “Oh how fun! hey! you wouldnt sacrifice me on this altar, would you?”


Lillian Gish is an infinity goddess:
…is a QT
click for huge huge, DUH


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  1. enjoy very much. was happy when i found the site

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