i am a forever fan of shirley temples. triple cherries please!

some things: *
it was my birthday! i turned 24 and am still not sure how i feel about that. i feel rather old honestly…
because (and this will definitely categorize me as a nerd) in 1999 they started minting the 50 state quarters…i was 14 and collecting them in one of those official cardboard coin-holder books. i remember looking at the empty slots under each year and thinking about how old (how OLD) i’d be when the whole book was filled, when Hawaii would come out, and itd be 2008 and id be 23. i completed the book a couple months ago…it was an odd feeling to finish a task i started so long ago. odder still was to BE as old as i once imagined, older in fact.
im rather partial to the Arkansas one…its such an odd amalgamation of objects…

*had a lovely birthday party and some lovely pineapple upside-down cake shots and got some awesome presents…
received a copy of the Luke Perry teen-turmoil-epic, Terminal Bliss (rated R, for being shamelessly tawdry). love that they prominently display their three star rating on the box…

*was also given, The Definitive Guide to Using Astrology in Every Aspect of Your Life. yes. its 500 pages and im scared to get started. ps: these are tits

*and the cherry on top, this Micheal Jackson watch my mom found. LOOK at this thing. i have no words, its basically out of this world.

some other things:
*the Gutter Magazine issue i did the cover for is finally out…
1summa coverweb

thats me saying “L”uscious (Joe told me to)
see the whole issue heeeeeeeeeeeeeere

*speaking of Bmore, (gutter magazine –> baltimore –> nudashank–>), DC artist Micheal Dotson, (previously mentioned here) has put a new piece up on the internet…
Straight to the Dome

look at it…
love at it…
he’s too much.


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