puzzling evidence

so today i came into work to find a bizzare accumulation of trash in our parking lot. it was like a joke mystery.
what do you think all this means?…
*2 dirty pillows
*a bottle of butane for refueling lighters
*5 half drunk sodas
*a summons for a traffic violation in VA written out to D.A. Riddle Jr.
*a Maryland emissions test certificate for D.A. Riddle Jr.
*a realtor’s business card for Florida
*a brand new Amtrak conductors cap in a box addressed to a Miss. K. Broughtan
*a tub of Jiffy pop, which had had the foil cover ripped off in order to make a…
*one-hitter and an origami crane

threeand so then, my coworker and i clean it all up and i go to the trashcan to throw it away, and already in the trashcan, we find…
*a brand new pair of men’s black dress shoes
*an ipod dock
*brand new kitchen utensils (a spatula, a pair of tongs etc)
*an Amtrak manual
*and a digital camera

Mr. Riddle from MD came down to VA because of his court summons…he brought his girlfriend, whom was studying to be an Amtrak conductor…and it was a long ride so they had pillows in the car…and weed….and then….
they cleaned their car out in our parking lot?
and got in a big fight and broke up and so they threw away their camera full of memories and their new kitchen ware for their new place?
ooooooor WHAT?!
maybe someone stole the car and decided to throw out evidence of the previous owner…….?

regarding the camera, i took it home. the pictures on it are from 2005-2006 and range from mild to uninteresting. mostly the she-owner and her friends at bars, movies of them water skiing (true), pics from xmas, and pics of her apt.
check out the voyeurism


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