hot pink, down on main street

so im in norfolk, visiting my dad and highschool friends, and subsequently people i thought i’d never see again…
and my dad and i had a crab boil the first night i was here. thats just what it sounds like, you buy a bushel of live crabs in a paper sack, put them in the fridge so they achieve suspended animation, take em out when youre ready, put em in the sink and wake em up SO THEY KNOW THEYRE GONNA DIE, and then you throw them in boiling water.
and smash them open and pick them apart and eat them with butter.
anyway we had a bushel of crabs and then that night i dreamt we had a bushel of kittens.
hot pink ones.
and since ive moved to richmond, ive heard this song on the radio at least a dozen times after certainly never hearing it before.

i thought it was bruce springsteen, i thought i was finally about to have a boss song that i liked. but no, its bob seger. mostly im seriously into that stadium concert guitar effect.
anyway, i woke up with it in my head today.

ps: look at this guy! wood donkey dunny! i want him!! more views on kidrobot
double ps: can we please go to new zealand and do this…

its a “schweeb” (dumb), a human-powered monorail racetrack
the future is now, lets go lets go!!


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