las vegas diamond lust

so i made some more bicycle bags and sent them to shooting star gallery in portsmouth VA! thats jet girl up there…i was sad to see her leave.
but so it goes, say goodbye to one object and gain another…
look at these thrifted cinderella cowgirl pumps!
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yes those are diamonds, yes they are winking at you.
love them like i love them!
and then listen!! to pylon

pylon’s from athen‘s GA and disbanded in the early 80‘s, but they are influences of REM and they opened for the B52‘s and they are hard to find torrents of…and cds of for that matter. anyway, thats why i posted a homemade video, with footage from the cabinet of dr caligari.
heres some liiive footage with miss vanessa throwin it around…

and a rather disheartening video of the members discussing their decision to disband…

just didn’t feel like being famous. oh well…


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