our millennial fears, my autumnal desires…

so some things….first off…it smells like fall. and its starting to feel like fall and yesterday i broke out my jean jacket and all my sweaters and fall dresses and things and OH its exciting to mix it up and switch it around and wear something besides next to nothing in these groggy summer days.
and boots, i get to bring out the boots and so segway into
LOOK at these…

straight up HAND MADE by emma greenwood of emerge… rainbow stitching on white leather?! embroidered spats?!
are you kidding me…i want them.
pointy elf toes and all
and now, no real way to segway into…

im reading the pyrotechnic insanitarium by Mark Dery, concerning “American Culture on the Brink”…of what? one can’t be sure…disaster, im assuming, but im not at the end of the book yet…
anyway theres a whole chapter about killer clowns…it discusses the clown as an indestructible, otherwordly character (think pratfall comedy) that we have collectively as a culture associated with sinister intentions and secret vices. its the fake face that does it really, that and the incessent desire to cajole…

img by jj pollard

in the chapter, Phil Snyder, the author of the essay “Exorcising Shameful Visions” recalls a childhood encounter with clowns…

“Somehow, I knew that something was wrong. Why the pasty makeup?…They tried so hard to make us laugh that they made me nervous. I was uncomfortable in their presence because I knew they were really just people in disguise. When you realize that this grotesque creature is another person in makeup, the clown act loses its humor and becomes intimidating”

…i remember being little and feeling that way about people in those big character costumes, like mickey in disney land or people in easter bunny costumes…UGH and the worst was when people would be all in furry costume except for their hands, and then theyd wear those cheapo, white cotton/nylon santa gloves, uuugggh and thatd just make their bodies look even MORE out of proportion to that giant head theyd be wearing on top.


anyway these are all paintings of john wayne gacy’s. yes that john wayne himself in a glass coffin via snow white surrounded by dwarves. also did you know that Jonathan Davis, Korn’s front man, owns 2 of john wayne gacy’s clown suits…its true. i just thought that was interesting…nee, disturbing…

here are a couple more of my favorites…

nice finger paints…

an interesting reference to dali….


gacy’s version of the zodiac killer…



One response to “our millennial fears, my autumnal desires…

  1. pichulita parada

    hola gayse habla manson cuando nos vamos a juntar para salir d carrete ??
    espero tu llamado
    nos vemos en el infiernooo el viernes !

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