just some little dreamy things…

Dallas_Clayton_PAGE_20 copyso i finally checked out Spike Jonze’s blog, we love you so. its sort of a influences database concerning Where the Wild Things Are (much excitement). its a pretty lovely collection of thoughts and references. Spike mentions a new kid’s book by Dallas Clayton, self-written/illustrated/and published wow wow. it makes me feel guilty about growing up. above is an image from the book, “An Awesome Book“…peruse the whole thing online heere.


also enjoying the blog missed connections. Sophie Blackall illustrates craigslist missed connection posts as one would a romantic fairy tale. of course she chooses proper interesting posts, not those “we made eye contact at the library. if you think this is you, tell me what i was wearing.”
everyone makes eye contact no one remembers what you were wearing.
this is definitely the most interesting meme referenced art ive seen in a while. and it reminds me of Cardon Webb’s flier redesign project Cardon Copy

img “borrowed” from The Daily What
he’s like a graphic design robin hood. he finds dismissable, generic fliers selling things, wanting things, lost cat etc, and replaces them with his own work.
i dunno, i just think its interesting to see artists responding to our current culture. missed connections and homemade fliers are all about getting the attention of other people; about selling yourself and your idea. Blackall has found the stand-out posts on missed connections and turned them into illustrated sonnets, into sentimental and intimate scenes worthy of a reply. Webb, meanwhile, reimagines dull, hastily created tear-offs as visually exciting, attention-getting posters.
both artists are reimagining the half-assed dreams of others, rendering them more sincere and complete.
i like it.


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