hands up, who likes me?

just me and my lamp, havin breakfast…
i found this article on SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder
now i know this term gets bandied about rather freely and that there are some people that get a legitimate clinical taste of it, but certainly everyone feels a little SAD and hates waking up in the dark morning…
the author of this article reports on scientists that believe that the symptoms of SAD, like fatigue, difficulty getting up in the morning, difficulty concentrating, a reduced sex drive and an increased need for sleep may all be programmed biological responses…

Our earliest ancestors made it through dark winter days by imitating the animals who hibernated during the cold, food deprived months of winter. It made sense, during prehistoric winters, for humans to spend more time sleeping and avoiding activities that would burn up precious calories. Carbs provide a good source of energy to combat the cold and are easy to digest. These were the most sensible foods to crave.
Besides taking many calories, in pre-birth control days, sex invariably lead to babies being born. Those who experienced a lower sex drive in winter produced more offspring who were born in the spring and summer months. These babies had a greater chance to survive.


its interesting!! we’re all animals…
other scientists talk about the involvement of Melatonin which is part of the process that sets our biological clock…morning sun signals your brain to wake up and get going but if theres no sun in the morning, you dont release it!…or whatever.
so thats why theres a big push for sunlamp therapy
she certainly looks sunny


so heres some ska revival Madness to help you pickitup pickitup pickitup pickitup…haaaaa awful

i think Madness lives in the same neighborhood as The Young Ones

love you Rik Mayall


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