lets party please…

lately ive been having dreams about house parties, birthdays and mansions, breaking into people’s empty apartments and dancing in our socks…
also been biting my lip in the same place over and over again…maybe my teeth are moving around? not paying attention while im eating??
anyway…forever favorites JEFF were here in richmond this past weekend on tour with Shonen Knife! hurrah!
they played my new favorite richmond venue the Plaza Bowl, duck pins! ten dollar pitchers! lazer lights! fried snacks!
its a good time.

here is the boys’ss tour blog

through various means of facebook perusing/stalking/snooping, i discovered an illustration by an artist new to me…Justin Wallis.
the above image is currently my desktop background, and Justin is currently my imaginary boyfriend.
did you guys notice the ganguro up in the top left corner?

anyway, Justin, or MILKBBI is a cutie who makes marker illustrations with sticker embellishments. he often works with multiples and always with good fashion sense.
Picture 8

more art stuff: just saw Kimsooja on art 21, and i keep thinking about her piece “Respirar – Una Mujer Espejo / To Breathe – A Mirror Woman”…Kimsooja worked within the Palacio de Cristal of Madrid to create a space of sanctuary. the artist laid mirror on the floor and translucent diffraction film on the windows and a recording of her own breathing played throughout the building.
here is her artists statement
and here is an animation of the space with sound…
pretty awe-some. i need diffraction film for my windows…
incidentally, meditative is one of my favorite words to say, when you say it me-DIT-ta-tive
Picture 9


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