deep, deep down…

so, i never knew it was so easy to make a gif…you can do it in photoshop <—-seeeeeeeee?
i was looking at 50 interesting wiki articles and read about raymond robinson (the green man). he was a real guy turned urban legend in Pennsylvania…and when i read it, i couldnt help thinking he looked like goofy…goofy + no eyes.

so ive been working at the bizarre holiday market on the top floor of chop suey booksslookit all the local crafts we have!
anywayyy, i was browsing around chop suey and found these diabolik comics. diabolik as in DANGER: DIABOLIK, the 1968 film about a sexy thief who lives in a ritzy hideout/bachelor pad who steals incredible riches from the Italian government. so so good.
oooo! news to me: mst3000 did danger diabolik for their final episode!…ill watch it and update you!
here is the theme song…sooo smooth…


but so the comic books…were in italian, so i didnt buy them. but i photographically documented them…check out the back covers with lady pics…

mm, i might need to buy them. theyre so pretty…here are some other scenes, i think this first one is my favorite…


One response to “deep, deep down…

  1. bizarre market!!!!! so much fun. i actually just found this rad sweatshirt i got there a few years ago and plan to wear it tomorrow. AND i love chop suey so much. it is the greatest of great book stores. so this post was full of smiles for me. please tell ward hi for me!!!

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