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make your decision while we’re running…

Dion Mcgregor was a song writer in the 60’s and also a somniloquist//sleeptalker.
this recording is from 1999’s “Dion McGregor Dreams Again“, a more risque compilation of his recorded dreams. the original was released in 1964 and a transcript of the same name with illustrations by Edward Gorey was released the same year. i want it, but so far i cannot find a copy WITH a dust jacket for under $100.

man i kinda wish this happened to me. ever since i was little i wished i could record my dreams, inside my head i mean…but to narrate them out loud would be just as good i suppose…not so good for anyone else in the room (in the bed). especially if it was ABOUT them, or about something they wouldnt like…certainly to be a somniloquist is nothing to wish for.

lets go into the memory shop
if we go into the memory shop i cant leave with you
youll have to leave by yourself
cause ive got to stay there
thats my place…

its probably embarrassing too…

so there are doctors out there studying emotion and motivation and have decided that in this day and age, the basic emotions we feel every day no longer revolve around fight or flight, that many of them have to do with interpersonal skills and trust issues. in this article they discuss 5 such emotions…
elevation, interest, gratitude, pride and confusion.
its an interesting article and you should read it! but i was struck by something in the “elevation” section…
elevation is an uplifting emotion that one could feel when listening to an inspiring speech or if one watches a particularly uplifting episode of Oprah. when one feels elevated, it appears that oxytocin is released in the brain, which generates “warm, calm feelings…it makes [people] want to touch, hug and be more open and trusting with each other”. in the article, Dr. Haidt writes that “if we can harness elevation to build trust, it could have particular relevance in the modern world for strengthening or repairing personal relationships. [He] envisages a time, for example, when marital therapists might try to induce it so as to enhance the effectiveness of couples’ counseling sessions.”
theyre talking about ecstasy! ecstasy releases oxytocin in the brain and i believe it was used in marriage counseling before it was made illegal. i dunno, i just find it interesting that they completely glaze over that bit of history.

“[The feeling of] Elevation is also relatively rare. People typically experience it less than once a week, although there are wide individual differences. Where it does score, though, is in being highly significant. “If you ask people to remember their most cherished experiences of their whole life, elevatory moments are likely to feature in their top five



my cheatin’ heart…

i’ve been seduced by tumblr…here is my tumblr
i mean you get points for how prolific you are! a friend equated it to World of Warcraft, but i dont think id get nerd-rage over my tumblarity.
i dunno, its just EASY and quick and perfect for my A.D.D. lifestyle. but then its hard to say what i actually want to stop and have an opinion about; what actually deserves a blog posting, and what is just a passing notion fit for tumblr?
but then thats an awful lot of thought devoted to my techno life
from Bruce Mau’sIncomplete Manifesto for Change“:

#29. Think with your mind.
Forget technology. Creativity is not device-dependent.

i gotta work on that one…
so anyway…here are some things that i noticed on the internet that i thought deserved more attention than a one note on tumblr…
lets start with tits!

so in 2007, designer Louboutin and film maker David Lynch collaborated on “Fetish” an exhibition of five limited edition pairs of shoes with companion portraits by Lynch. Louboutin created “extreme fetish” shoes that he wanted to have come across as cult objects

krazy::sexy::kool….David Lynch is so lusty, all his women are tortured…those Betty Boop ballet heels up there are insane, heres a closer look…you can look at more pics here


“Summer Romance 4” 2009

and then, i noticed Roselina Hung on Gawker

“Roselina Hung specializes in oil painted portraits, and her practice focuses on the concepts of nostalgia and memory, often in relation to popular culture. Her artwork references both art history and contemporary art, and she uses familiar imagery to engage viewers with their own personal experiences and memories, evoking a common nostalgia. With a specific interest in common histories, her current work examines a false sense of nostalgia, when one feels nostalgic for ideals of past decades that were never experienced first hand but only through their depiction in the mass media.”

“Wish You Were Here! (Family 2)” 2008

i am especially partial to the idea of her “Art History” series, where she paints stills from historical dramas/romances…dramances?…
i am reminded of Clueless

Heather: It’s just like Hamlet said, “To thine own self be true.”
Cher: Hamlet didn’t say that.
Heather: I think I remember Hamlet accurately.
Cher: Well, I remember Mel Gibson accurately, and he didn’t say that. That Polonius guy did.

“Paris aims his bow to kill Achilles” 2004

“Romeo and Juliet – Act 1 Scene 5 (‘Romeo and Juliet’s first meeting’)” 2004

“William Shakespeare” 2004