good enough for me…

so! ive moved back to nashville! my dear friends ben and elle are letting me live up in their attic, a 2nd floor club house like i like. and im the perfect tennant for it cause i think im the only one who fits in it, i can stand on my tiptoes and my head touches the ceiling. a tree tops dollhouse for dixie!
and and and, before i got here, my second hand futon bed served as a crash pad for beat happening’s calvin johnson. NBD. but it prompted me to make this…

excuse the rough photo booth quality but i just wanted to shoot a quick progress shot. pretty silly but ive never cross stitched before and i just wanted to get on and try it. i want to add some music notes but i cant decide if i want to embroider them on or what…

so much has already happened! elle was asked to be in stone jack jones’ new music video for the song “the state im in“. lots of tromping in the woods, swinging on branches and dreamy filtered sunlight…check out more pics here. the new video is by zack spiger, heres one of his past projects with jack…
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Good Enough“, posted with vodpod


last weekend i went to amateur wrestling at the stadium inn boasting the world’s scariest bathroom. i tried to take pics but even my camera’s “sports” setting couldnt keep them from being blurry. so heres a whole album of blurry photos! it was some real world entertainment to be sure, heres some fight footage and a look at the audience…


and then it was elle’s birthday and we made bday cupcake cones! and then i made a quiche! and a seven layer super bowl dip with cheese crisp fleur de lis!!! yaaay saints.
a lotta things!
good times in nashville, but it keeps snowing and turning immediately to mush, gross out.


2 responses to “good enough for me…

  1. Haha love the Calvin stitching!

  2. wallernotweller

    CJ slept here = brilliant, I just finished writing a piece on Calvin Johnson myself:

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