ready for some sun…

in between LOST commercials, i made these chocolate puddle cookies from a recipe my mom sent me. they are rather divine, they smell like brownies while theyre baking and are sort of crispy like meringue and then sort of fudgy on the inside. good good.

for christmas, alex got me a fringe necklace made by her friend Annie. mine has a brown crocheted neck-line and then this painted leather fringe that sorta looks like peacock feathers. anyway, alex sent me Annie’s etsy which has all kinds of other lovely things for sale. im rather partial to these “crystal” earrings…painted upcycled leather…


and then tonight, eatin cookies and watching tv, we stumbled upon an excerpt from Operavox:

An ambitious experiment by the BBC that ultimately fails, Operavox attempts to condense six famous operas into animated half-hours. The limited time forces the filmmakers to present the stories in clunky English translations, while reducing the celebrated scores to musical mincemeat.
The stop-motion animators come the closest to succeeding. Barry J.C. Purves captures the malevolent pleasures and crushing sorrows of the court of Mantua in his atmospheric rendition of Verdi’s Rigoletto. Natalia Dabizha’s softer, more traditional puppets give Rossini’s The Barber of Seville the feeling of a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, but she manages to preserve a suitably comic tone. Valeri Oganov treats Mozart’s sublime Magic Flute as if it were an episode from Yellow Submarine, while Graham Ralph tries to turn Wagner’s Das Rheingold into Heavy Metal, with Freya in a Frazetta-esque bikini. via amazon

we saw some of The Magic Flute, and since this is the future, i was able to find the piece in its entirety on YouTube.
so WATCH IT. the animation is trippy, VERY yellow submarine, and the story is so fantastical, get some culture, itll make for good dreams.
and one day youll hear it on the radio and impress someone by saying, “oh, thats Mozart’s The Magic Flute”.
and theyll be smitten and run off with you to Africa, to follow the sun.

while i was working on some stuff for Local Honeyyyy, I watched Total Eclipse starring Leonardo Dicaprio as the poet Rimbaud…it was a pretty goofy undertaking. the story awkwardly jump-cut through time and was mostly concerned with Rimbaud’s homosexual relationship with the poet Verlaine. dramatized biographies bother me. while i LOVED Dicaprio in the role, as a rakish rapscallion genius, i wanted it to be directed by PBS or something…to at least appear accredited.


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