riding out of the sunset…part 1

so can we talk about Jon Ehrens real quick…
Jon is an incredibly talented friend of mine who has dabbled in every music genre imaginable.
in an older post of mine, i discussed the sped-up, squeeky-sweet pop sound of Jon’s band Art Department and the screamin rock n roll dance party vibes of Repelican.
anyway, Jon’s latest project White Life is a synthy/funky/soulful team up with his sister, Emily. Baltimore’s city paper did a much more eloquent write up which you can read here.
my current fave on the album is “Time is Wasting“…it sounds like a post-disastrous prom theme in a John Hughes film.
you can $purchase$ the record or download Mp3’s if you click this here link right here…

so i’ve begun the laborious process of editing the hundreds of photos from my cross country trip with my dad…well “cross country”, California-Arizona-Colorado-Kansas-Missouri-TENNESSEE.
i’m not sure if there is a true theme emerging yet, but i’m hoping i can end up with some kind of cohesive set.
anyway, here are some of my faves! you can see all the rest on my flickr…


2 responses to “riding out of the sunset…part 1

  1. check them out on twitter @whitelifemusic for updates

  2. these pictures rule!!!! i especially like the hotel at night and the husky/dream catcher

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