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the big picture…

its funny when you run into a song that says exactly what you need to hear.
that reinforces the lesson you’re currently learning about yourself
that commiserates with your heartbreak.
i remember hearing this album, “the taller you are, the shorter you get” by My Dad is Dead when i was little. you can listen to the whole thing online here.
my own dad (not dead) always had excellent music taste and this was one of his favorite albums to blast on sunday mornings.
anyway, “the big picture”—extremely relevant chorus…

I could spend my whole life
Thinking about what’s important to me
I could spend my whole life
Thinking about what matters to me
I could spend my whole life
Worrying about what’s going to happen to me
I could waste my whole life
Thinking about just what it is my life means

Sometimes what matters doesn’t really matter at all
Sometimes it doesn’t fit inside the big picture

Sometimes I need to be just where I am
Sometimes I need to know that right here is good enough

so i finally got a new camera. mine got lost in the move and i never really had the capital to replace it. but now im about to go on a trip cross country with my dad, so fuckit. i got a nikon coolpix s8100 in GOLD cause im an ART ST*R.

so i drove to santa paula to visit my aunt and took a million pictures. what follows are most of my favorites but the entire album is on flickr to peruse.

california is a beautiful place, easy to take artsy snapshots of. however as i started taking pictures, i found myself especially attracted to how human life interacts with this paradise. california’s environment is an entirely forced state of nature. sure, agriculture thrives in a sunny climate, but this place is a desert. water is piped in, gardens are transplanted, bees are shipped in to pollinate fields of monoculture crops. its completely fake. no rain, a temperate mall climate.

this past semester, i haven’t been myself, ive been trying to force myself into a place i don’t want to be. and i think with a lot of these pictures, im thinking about people living places they shouldnt.
plastic mingling with plant life….

to me, the ideal manifestation of that idea of forced habitation, is the shopping cart. a human invention used to aid in consumerism. here in california, theyre often stolen and left in neighborhoods, overturned in gardens, crashed into palm trees. still working on editing these….

when i got to santa ana, we did it all. car show, vintage prop plane show at the airport, indie music fest where i saw REDD KROSS and a bunch of bullshit, and then drove home on the CA 1 along the coast line. here are a couple of my faves, the entire album is on flickflickflickr…..

tomorrow i leave.